Our lives are meant to flow with ease, joy, and synchronicity. Each of us was designed for magic, boundless creativity, and unlimited abundance.


Yet so many of us walk through our lives unknowingly carrying old emotional baggage, trapped emotions, and past traumas that cloud our natural gifts and abilities, and prevent us from creating the life we desire. These negative energies become trapped in our bodies and radiate out into our world, attracting similar people, situations, and experiences that keep us in the same patterns of unworthiness, limitation, and self-sabotage throughout our lives.

  • How can we release these blocks to step back into our natural flow of abundance?

  • How do we maintain our vibe in these shifting times?

  • How do we create the life we desire from a place of ease, grace, and joy?

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Christina is an empath, intuitive healer, and manifestation guide. Her greatest joy is in uplifting and inspiring others to expand their light in the world. As a healer, she guides her clients through transformational sessions, quickly releasing deeply held blocks, limiting beliefs, and negative energies so they easily realign with their natural state of joy, creativity, and abundance. As a manifestation guide, she teaches her clients to build their awareness of the realm of subtle energies so they can step back into the flow of magic, flow, and synchronicity in their lives.

Christina also leads sacred ceremonies to reconnect us with our hearts, activating our personal portal to the divine to bring about deep healing on an individual and collective level. Having an extensive background in both science and spirituality, she accesses guidance from the higher dimensions while being grounded in the methods of scientific inquiry to bring her clients practical tools and practices to provide greater ease, clarity, and joy in the awakening process.


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Ready to clear your energy and step back into the abundant flow of magic and synchronicity in your life?